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Terms and conditions

If you participate by writing messages -as registered user or as guest- on the forums provided on this website, you agree to the terms and conditions.

This website is provided by ESI Audiotechnik GmbH as open forum for users of ESI products to create an active online community.

Please remember that we do not actively monitor the contents of every message on the forums of this site and are not responsible for any messages posted. It is impossible for us to read and check all messages simply because of the amount of messages that are posted regularly on our forums. Every message contains the views of its author, not necessarily the views of ESI or the forum moderators. The User Community does not replace the official technical support from ESI.

We are able to remove/delete messages or complete threads/topics if we believe that removal is necessary. Any user who feels that a posted message should be removed, should contact one of the forum moderators by email as quickly as possible. Messages can only be removed after a reasonable delay.

With your active participation by creating new topics or by replying to other messages, you agree that you will not use this forum to post any messages which are knowingly false or inaccurate. Your messages may not contain abusive, obscene, hateful, threatening or profane language. You agree not to harm the privacy of any person or violate any law by writing messages. Posts on this forum may not contain any copyrighted material unless the copyright is owned by the author of a message or by ESI. Please note that commercial advertising for third-party products is not permitted on this site.

Although ESI is not responsible for the content of all messages on the forums on this site and although any message on the forum can be deleted for any or no reason, you remain fully responsible for all the messages you wrote on the forums. ESI reserves the right to use the information we have about your identity (such as your email and IP addresses) in the event of legal actions arising from a message posted by you.


Here are a few general recommendations for your participation on this forum:
  • No spamming. Please write your messages only once. Do not create several new topics to discuss about the same issue at the same time. If you feel that you need more information / replies for one specific topic, reply in the thread itself (which brings it back to the top) instead of creating a new topic/thread.
  • Please use relevant and describing subject lines when you create new topics that tell other users on the forum as much about the issue you want to discuss as possible. A subject like "help needed!!!" would not be very helpful, while something like "microphone connected to U46 XL" would be a nice subject.
  • Please check if the topic you are about to start is already discussed in another thread. If so, it might be better to add your comments about the issue in the existing thread rather than creating a new one.
  • Make sure that your message is posted in the correct forum category, i.e. don't ask questions about a USB device in the PCI section. This would only confuse other users. If we detect messages in the wrong section, we will move them without notice into the correct category.
  • Provide as much details as possible when you describe a problem. For example, when you describe a problem related to recording, always add what you are trying to record, how it is connected to the hardware and what software you are using for it. When you describe a problem about playback, always mention what you try to playback, what software you use and which outputs you are using. When you describe an installation problem, please mention details about your computer system (mainboard, chipset, etc.).
  • Please do not criticize other users on the forum directly. Always respect other users and their identity.
  • If you want to criticize ESI about something, please do so in a civil manner - otherwise it would only cause frustration for anyone involved (which is definitly not helpful). We are happy to hear your comments about our products as we want to improve them constantly.
  • If you expect a reply or comment from an ESI representative, contact us and don't just write something in the forum (and even worse, complain that you do not get a reply). We reserve the right to leave messages on the forum unanswered if we feel no answer is needed at the time.
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