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PCI/PCIe Audio Interfaces: Bit-perfect with MAYA44 under Vista?
written by struts (User) | 12/19/2007 | 21:53 Hits: 1255
Hi there!

Just bought a MAYA44 for use in my 32-bit Vista PC and I have to say I am pretty happy with it - nice product! (see here for my initial thoughts)

I only want the card to drive an external DAC for the replay of two-channel PCM audio, mostly 16/44.1 but also 24/88.2 and 24/96. I want bit-perfect output in all cases, hence my selecting the MAYA which touts this capability.

My problem is that I have only been able to achieve this so far using a third party output device, ASIO. I am currently using beta foobar2000 (v0.9.5 beta 5), with beta ASIO4ALL (v2.8 beta 2), with the beta MAYA44 driver (x2v 0.978). This is working fine however it strikes me that this should be part of the basic functionality of the card/driver and should be possible without having to resort to a third party output device (ASIO4ALL).

My understanding is that bit-perfect output for all the aforementioned sample rates/word lengths is possible under Vista using 'Exclusive Mode', however my tests indicate that the DS output device for S/PDIF in this version of the device driver is not using exclusive mode since the MAYA control panel always shows the sample rate set as 'Default' for Shared Mode in the 'Advanced' tab of the Vista Sound control panel, regardless of the sample rate of the source file. Even when 'Default' is set to the sample rate of the source the 'DTS test' fails, indicating that the bitstream is not being passed unmolested. Using ASIO the sample rate indicator changes instantly to that of the source regardless of the 'Default' setting, and the 'DTS test' is passed indicating bit-perfect pass-through (at least at 16/44.1).

So my questions are:
- Does the current version of the driver support bit-perfect pass-through for all the aforementioned sample rates/word lengths without recourse to 3rd party software? If so, how do I configure it?
- If not, when will a version be available that does?
- Why does the current driver offer a KS output device under Vista (this bluescreens my PC within seconds) when the preferred method of providing this functionality is now Exclusive Mode?

Thanks in advance!

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[edited: 12/19/2007 | 21:58]
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