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PCI/PCIe Audio Interfaces: Sound issue with MAYA 44 PCI
written by el_platense (User) | 08/18/2012 | 02:06 Hits: 1672
Hello ESI-PRO Community,

I am Leandro from Argentina, and I have installed a MAYA 44 PCI card since 2008.

I have been listening some issues with the sound recentrly. At a sample rate of 44100 16 bit I can hear some peaks during a song.

Also, If I started a conference by Skype or MSN Messenger, the person how I am talking with, listen some extrange sound like simultanious peaks during my voice. Something like (ta - ta - ta - ta).

The worst thing is when I record. Here is a issue sample for your reference:

It produces the same issue into all available samples rate and bit resolution.

I installed the latest driver and my PC configuration is:

4GB RAM / 1600MHZ

Operative system: Windows 7 Professional x64

Please, have you hear about this issue before? Can you provide me some help?

Best regards.

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  el_platense  - 08/18/2012 (02:06)
  Claus R  - 08/18/2012 (13:34)
  el_platense  - 08/18/2012 (17:03)
  Claus R  - 08/20/2012 (12:48)
  susirupines_pilietis  - 08/27/2012 (06:42)
  Nattfodd  - 01/20/2013 (23:21)
  el_platense  - 02/25/2013 (01:27)
  Nattfodd  - 02/25/2013 (01:33)
  jotace  - 01/31/2014 (05:28)
  el_platense  - 04/02/2014 (16:33)
  el_platense  - 07/24/2015 (05:34)
reply by Claus R (Moderator) | 08/18/2012 | 13:34

I understand that you have this problem only recently and did not have it before, right?

Did you install any new software on your system? Something that runs in the background (i.e. anti virus software, download manager, firewall, printer/scanner utility, etc.)? It could be that one of these cause the trouble.

Also, did you change the buffer size (= latency) in the MAYA44 control panel before and what results did it have?

Lastly, if the problem continues to exist, please contact our tech support with more details about your system configuration, the software you use, etc.
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reply by el_platense (User) | 08/18/2012 | 17:03
I recently updated my system configuration. I changed my old AM2 platform for an AM3 as described about 1 year ago. The problem has been happening a long time ago, but I dont remember exactly if it happened before/after the upgrade.

I formatted the system many times, and tested it without installing any 3rd party software. Only the software that comes in Windows 7.

Also I changed the buffer size and seems like the "ta ta ta" sound changes its periodicity, but I cant assure it.

The default latency is setted as 256 sample / 44100hz 16bit. Is it OK? What would you recommend me to change?

I forgot to mention that this issue does not happen always. It is a random issue. Sometimes I start recording without any trouble and many other times I can see that "peaks" into the monitoring bars while recording and I have to stop it and re-start recording. That is the only way to realize without finish recording and take a bad taste.

Thanks for the support.
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reply by Claus R (Moderator) | 08/20/2012 | 12:48
I formatted the system many times, and tested it without installing any 3rd party software. Only the software that comes in Windows 7.

Did you install the latest chipset drivers (i.e. all the drivers for all the components on your mainboard from the mainboard vendoers website)? If not, this could also cause serious performance issues. The chipset drivers always need to be installed before setting up and using any third-party hardware.
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reply by susirupines_pilietis (User) | 08/27/2012 | 06:42
Seriously, there are countless complains about non-functioning drivers on Win7 (including mine). When are you going to acknowledge that your techs just did a quick hack on WinXP drivers and not a decent adaptation?

I mean, on my machine ASIO kind of works, but goes out of sync on higher sample rates (96 or 192). But DSound is horrible altogether - playback drifts out of sync with time and records glitchy fragments of what is being played back! That to me looks like a serious memory management issues in the driver itself.

Oh and yes, I've installed the chipset driver and all the other similarly classed audio cards work just fine on my machine.

ESI, you made somme great hardware, now for the love of God, get someone to fix the drivers for good! You WILL lose clients.
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reply by Nattfodd (User) | 01/20/2013 | 23:21
I have absolutely the same issue. But i also found out what is the reason. Sound in apps which uses ASIO is fine, and sound in apps which uses MME (like Skype) is distorted in the same way as described in the first post.

Specs: AMD Athlon II X3 435, 8Gb RAM, MSI 870c MB, GTX460 video, OS Windows 7 x64 Professional. ESI MAYA driver version - latest atm: 1.11.

[edited: 01/20/2013 | 23:22]

[edited: 01/20/2013 | 23:23]
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reply by el_platense (User) | 02/25/2013 | 01:27
Thank you for sharing your experience. Did you find any solution for that? I am really disgusted with this sound card and stops me with my job.
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reply by Nattfodd (User) | 02/25/2013 | 01:33
I was trying to find a way to reroute mic sound from ASIO to MME or force Skype using ASIO instead of MME, but i've got no success with that.

Actually, now i'm on the way to sell this soundcard and buy a USB solution from M-Audio. According to "fast" ESI responces here, i have no illusions about solving this issue in a short period of time.
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reply by jotace (User) | 01/31/2014 | 05:28
Hola, el platense. Soy también de Argentina, leí tu post en el soporte de ESI-AUDIO y quería consultarte si pudiste obtener ayuda para resolver el problema con la tarjeta MAYA 44 PCI. Yo tengo el mismo inconveniente.

Saludos cordiales
Juan Carlos
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reply by el_platense (User) | 04/02/2014 | 16:33

lamentablemente no. Sigo con el mismo problema una y otra vez, cada aproximadamente 2 días. Busqué muchas alternativas y posibles solucioens para ninguna funcionó. Podrías indicarme qué configuración de hardware tenés? Estoy pensando que esto que nos pasa es muy particular con algunos mothers AMD.

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reply by el_platense (User) | 07/24/2015 | 05:34
Hola! pasaron varios meses ya, y sigo con el problema. Alguna solución?
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